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Are you tired of giving and receiving party bags full of plastic junk and sweets?

The TCPC Story

Hi, welcome to The Conscious Party Co.


The Conscious Party Co. is 100% Australian owned and operated small business located in the Perth Hills in Western Australia.

My name is Elle and I'm passionate about reducing single use plastic waste at parties. With 3 young children of my own I am conscious of the waste generated from party bags at children's birthday parties and knew there had to be a better alternative to what was on offer.


I was frustrated with receiving party bags which had flimsy plastic toys that easily broke, that weren’t safe to bring home to younger siblings or were filled with lollies all wrapped in yet more plastics. I found these bags were bringing more chaos than calm and adding unnecessarily to landfill. After attending and hosting numerous parties I knew that something needed to change.

As a busy working mum, I wanted an easy option for party bags or busy bags that were ready to go, but couldn't find any that were fun, stylish and met my values which included:

  • Plastic free.

  • Made with natural or tactile materials.

  • Include simple quality open ended sensory toys, promoting imagination play.

  • Products and packaging to be long lasting, reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Included minimal choking hazards so your child can actually take it home to play with even if there are younger siblings 

So I started making my own party bags and thought other mums with the same values as my own would like them too.


If those same values and needs are what led you to my web page I look forward to working with you to make you party both beautiful, Plastic free and Eco-friendly.

                                   Elle x x

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