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  • Can I provide my own graphic?
    Absolutely! We can put an image of your choice on the bags and contents so it matches your theme perfectly. To do this just choose "custom bag" in the shop and we will then follow up with an email requesting the image and colour theme. Please note recommended dimensions of the graphic should not exceed 11cm x 11cm so that it can be seen clearly when the bag is filled and tied.
  • Is there a minimum order requirement?
    No, there is no minimum order quantity for our standard range of bags. We do however ask for a minimum order of 8 for personalised and custom bags.
  • Can I have licensed material on my bags?
    We respect all artists and will not used licensed material/images without permission. ​ If you are providing your own graphic you may be asked to provide proof of purchase (e.g. if bought from Esty)
  • Can I choose my play dough colour?
    For personalised orders you definitely can! Just let us know what colour you want.
  • How big are the bags and fillers?
    BIG! Our bags are almost double the size of the other bags on the market and we need them that big to fit all the goodies in! Each bag is approx. 16cm x 20cm. They are professionally finished and use a non-fraying herringbone ribbon so they can be used again and again and again. . . . . Our playdough tins are 5.5cm wide and 4cm deep and contains 80g playdough ​ The ribbon shakers have 5 lengths of ribbon that are 80cm long looped over and secured.
  • What do you mean handmade?
    We made everything we can! We sew the bags and apply the images, we freshly make the play-dough so it is perfectly soft and long lasting, the ribbons are carefully colour coordinated, cut and tied, the crayons are hand poured, the seeds collected from our garden and the lengths of wood for the play dough stamps cut and glued by us. However we get help from a local small business for the lazer cut shapes. And its all made with love x
  • Playdough ingredients
    Flour, water, salt, vegetable/canola oil, cream of tartar, glycerine, food coloring, essential oils.
  • Are there other payment options
    We currently accept Paypal and credit/debit cards through the website. Please contact us if you required bank transfer or cash. ​ Due to the bags being made with love for each order prepayment is required.
  • Variations
    Due to the hand made nature (and difference in screen settings) there might be minor variations between the images you see and the received product. Contents There can be variations with the play-dough as is it made fresh, the crayons as they are hand coloured and the ribbon shakers. However the colours used and provided will always be in theme with the bags. ​ Bags Each design is transferred onto the bag by hand and as a result placement may vary slightly from bag to bag which adds to the unique handmade charm of the bags. Drawstrings may also vary from left or right hand side. ​ Please appreciate we do aim for perfection but also want to keep waste to a minimum.
  • Postage
    We use Asutralia Post. more details can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.
  • Do you ship outside of Australia?
    Currently The Conscious Party Co. ONLY ships within Australia.
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