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Get yourself into a creative mindset with TCPC Crayons! These delicate wax wonders are vegan-friendly, lovingly hand-poured and glide effortless on paper - perfect for expressing young imaginations or indulging in grownup artistry. With an array of gorgeous colors, sizes and designs to choose from – there's something special waiting just right around the corner!


What you’ll receive:


2 x vegan crayons per pack.


**Please note when you select your crayon shape the colour choice is random.**


If you’d like crayons in a specific shape and colour to suit your theme please contact me for a special order.

Crayons, hand poured

  • Our crayons are 100% vegan and made from Carnauba Wax which is a plant-based product.


  • Crayons should not be left in direct sunlight or near heat sources. 

    while our crayons are made from natural products they are not intended for consumption

    All care should be taken when allowing young children to use them. 

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