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Out of this world

Back in February this year I was involved in making some out of this world ‘space themed eco party bags’ for @apartytoremember. I can honestly say that I think every kid goes through a space phase where they question everything there is to know about space and what is ‘out there’.

I knew this wouldn’t be the last request for space or rocket themed party bags so naturally I added them to the custom bags gallery for inspiration.

I couldn’t have been happier with how the print came out on the bags. The vibrant colours really compliment the decorations and props which @apartytoremember made and the whole party set up.

Some of my Instagram followers may already know that my husband and I converted a bus to a motor home and we packed up the three kids and went travelling around Australia in 2021. During our time on the road, we took our three girls to Carnarvon in Western Australia, and if any of you have been there with kids, I’m sure you also paid a visit to the @CarnarvonSpaceMuseum. This was such a great experience as I had been teaching them all about space and planets while home-schooling. Since then, the kids have wanted to learn more about space, so I’m sure I will be contacting @apartytoremember for a space themed party for one of the girls in the future.

For this party in particular the birthday boy was turning 5 so rather than including a ribbon shaker I included a bamboo rolling pin to further extend the play dough play. The Conscious Party Co bamboo rolling pins aren't only for the play dough that you’ll find in all TCPC eco party bags but can of course be used to help mum or dad in the kitchen when it comes to baking delicious cookies.

As always the bags also contained a tin of play dough, star shaped wooden stamp, star shaped vegan crayons and a packet of beneficial insect attracting seeds.

I really enjoyed helping create these bags for this space party. Its wonderful being able to help families party more sustainably. This was another great collaboration with Charlotte @apartytoremember so if you're looking to host a space themed party remember to check out her hire package and add on TCPC party bags


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